Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Dominic Nel | In Perfect Form

Dominic Nel • Male Model

Dominic Nel | Male Model, Personal Trainer and Photographer
Born 17th March 1984 | In Dundee, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa | Eyes: Blue | Hair: Brown | Height: 1.77m (5'9¾")
Image © Dean Stockings Photography

Dominic first surfaced in the Gay porn industry under the alias of James Nichols. Although believed to be straight, he had no reservations when it came to explicit Gay content. A move into more mainstream modelling saw Dominic working with renowned photographers such as Dylan Rosser and Dean Stockings.

In recent years, Dominic has returned to his native South Africa, where he works as a photographer.

Dominic by Dylan Rosser for 'The Male Form'
Dominic Nel • Male Model
Dominic Nel • Male Model
Dominic Nel • Male Model
Dominic by Dylan Rosser for 'The Male Form'
Images © Dylan Rosser Photography

For your further information please visit the following:

Dominic Nel - Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
Photographer Dean Stockings - Website
Photographer Dylan Rosser - Website



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    he must fuck me!
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    what a man...

  2. On the 9th April 2011
    des beaux mecs commented on
    'Let Them Eat Cake'

    de rien,
    ses un plaisir de passé voir des beaux mecs,
    le beaux James Nichols, et l'un de ceux que j'aime bien suivre,
    bonne soirée.

  3. On the 24th August 2011
    Anonymous commented on
    'Let Them Eat Cake'

    I am so dangerously in love with him. *sigh*

  4. On the 25th August 2011
    the alba male replied

    @ Anonymous
    You're not alone. *sigh*


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