Saturday, October 19, 2013

Florent Ré | II : 'Resplendent'

Florent Ré • Male Model

Florent Ré | Male Model
Born (Circa) 1985 | In Corsica, France
Image © Thomas Jacques

Prior to his career in modelling, Florent had completed an apprenticeship as a plumber before becoming a male stripper. In 2010, he participated in the French reality TV series 'Qui veut épouser mon fils?' (Who wants to marry my son?). With his good looks and enviable physique, the Frenchman was a welcome addition to photographer Lionel Andre's 'BOYS 2011' calendar. When asked about any worries he may have about posing nude, Florent replied: "No, I'm at ease before the camera, I have no complex."

Florent is an accomplished practitioner of Judo, a martial art he's been involved with since the age of four. In fact, the tattoo on his right shoulder spells 'Judo' in Japanese. Florent's daily exercise regime includes two hours of weight training and an hours swimming. Enjoy!

Florent by Thomas Jacques
Florent Ré • Male Model
Florent Ré • Male Model
Florent by Thomas Jacques
Images © Thomas Jacques

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  1. Fantastique!!! and what eyes!!!

    hope you'll update more often your blog.

    my last post here:

  2. Vraiment la beauté de Florent Ré est ravissante, c'est un splendeur.


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